Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow The end of August

Wow! Its the end of August already. Well, After school on Wednesday I drove over to Ozark and took pic. of some flea markets just for you. I felt like some spy driving around with a camera, not getting out of my car taking pictures of bildings. Any way this is my favorite flea market. Found it by just driving around to get to know the area, when i seen a sign for "Doc. Hiliday's pawn shop." Went to check it out and there she was. For some reason i just like this place and this is where is always wind up when i go flea marketing.

These are neat. I call it flea market corner because it is about five or six flea markets all together on one corner. I know that three of them are two stories and i havn't got to go threw them all because it takes all day just to go threw two. I had to take the photo from afar just so you can get the affect of how many there are in one clump. All of these (including my favorit one) are found in Ozark Missouri. So if you ever get over this way you should look them up.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We found this Ben Franklen store in Mt. Vernon Missouri a couple of weeks ago. I just had to have a picture of it. It has some booths in it for crafts and people to sell their goods, but it also has a few of the old five and dime sort of things in it. But most of all it brought back memories for me, of my great grandmother Claire bearden(granny). It brought back memories of being a kid again, and walking to that store when i got to spend the night with her. When stickers were the coolest and candy was my favorite food group. She would give me her empty make-up containers and a baby jar of pennies and I would play all day with them. When she would fix my favorite lunch of Bologna,cheese and catsup with spaghetti o's. She had photos of all her children, grand children and great grand children all over her apartment floor. there was just no room for them any where else. Teaching me old German, that I can only remember a few words now. Teaching me songs she sang as she grew up and stories of her grandma. The smell of her perfume and the sweetness of her voice. She was always so kind, that I always wanted to be like her.
Seeing this place made me wonder what memories will my children have. I take so many pictures of them that they get mad at me. But it is the only way that i will keep them small and innocent. When stickers are the coolest and candy is their favorite food group.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I want to know!!!!!!!!

Hello every one, I want to know what your favorite flea market looks like. Do they all have the barn feel, the cowboy feel, or do you even go for that stuff? I would love to see some of your pics. so please send some to me. I want to get to know my wonderful small group of viewers. I will give you till the end of august and then i will start posting some of photos that i get. Thank you Steph

Saturday, August 15, 2009

flea markets back home

I told you in a couple of post back that we went home for a few weeks and well you know i had to get my flea market fix. So my best friends and I did just that. We found a new one and visited an old favorite of mine. I think its the western feel that i like the most. However i didn't get to buy to much had to remember there wasn't enough room in the van to get it home.
The new one had a jail out in front of it. here is this room of bars and it advertises "air conditioned and a scenic view." it even had a wood stove in it. How original, the way some people decorate the outside can really make you want to go in.

flea markets

I thought this was so funny. This was out infront of one of the flea markets we went to back home. This is our best friend tylor and my two little ones.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Still working

Hello every one, do you remember the chest of drawers i bought last month for my son. well here it is. I finally finnished sanding and did a little panting. I found this contact paper that looks like metal. Its about six dollars at lowles. This project really made me feel like an episode from "I Love Lucy." I am trying to pull this contact paper out and put it on the drawers and it was sticking to everything but the drawers. Then I am fianally finnished and I stand back to look at my hard work and how it has paid off. The drawers don't fit. So back to the old drawing board. I had to take the paper off and start sanding. Again.

Well this is where i feel like an episode form "I Love Lucy." I sanded the drawers hoping that i did just enought that they wouldn't stick and not too much that there would be a gap. well, if you notice there are no nobes for me to pull them back out with so they are stuck.
Great Job Steph! lol
Thank goodness i can laugh at myself.

Still working

so here are the drawers (after i got them out of the chest) out to dry.
Sometimes i wonder if this is more trouble than its worth and then i look at it all coming together and my sweet little boy (whom this is for) and yea it's all worth it.
so once I get the handles it will finnally be compleat.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Project By My Dad

Hello every one, I did a surprise visit home (southern Illinois) and this was the project my dad was working on when i got there. He has been making knives from scratch since i was about seven years old. His very first knife he almost cut off his thumb, but now he just nicks them every so often. Maybe a well deserved lesson. lol. I am very proud of my dad (Steve Trexler). So this one is for him. I love you dad.

This is what we start with. Its just peaces of metal and a deer antler.

This is the blade after he has cut it out and polished it up a bit.

Just starting to put the peaces together

A Project By My Dad

The finnished product.