Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home improvement

Well here are somethings we have been doing around the house. and one of my favorite trash to treasures. I call it "The Water Pump." lol, well, thats what it is. The first pic is the front of the house after we chopped down the bushes. I broke two shovels to get all the roots dug up. Then the two after are of the flower garden i put in their place.
The Water pump i found in a yard sale in Carbondale Ill. After the paint dries i plan to put it in another flower garden. I hope to make it look like i over flowed a bucket of flowers.

The water pump

This is after i finnished painting it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

craft project

Well here i am thinking of Christmas already. We try to make gifts every other year, and if i don't want to be bombarded at Christmas and having creativity block then i need to start now. so I am doing an experiment first. If this works great, if not oh well.
I am trying to make some bamboo wind chimes. I bought two bamboo sticks at hobby lobby for 3.00 a each, three flat wooden disc .57 cents each and all i need now is some fishing line and a decoration for the top (that will come later)and some way to hang this critter up.
First (i did have a little help from my hubby, who wants to cut off a finger) we cut at an angel the bottom of the bamboo stick. then we cut straight across just above the knuckle of the stick. the knuckle is the only part that is not hollow.

step two

then we drilled holes in the top of the sticks and in the disc. then i will string them with fishing line threw the holes on the sticks then threw the disc. I will get a pic of that later, when all is done i will decide if i like that or if i want to attach the disc to the bottom of a bird house. If this works then i have the stuff for two more wind chimes.
Wind chimes are about twenty dollars at hobby lobby, and right now they are half off so ten dollars. but if this turns out, i will have made three sets of wind chimes for the price of one. Later i would like to make them out of metal.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Honey I'm Home!

well, i am finally back here is the after pics. that i told you all i would post when i got back. we would have been done with this room a lot sooner but my two year old little girl to a fall on her bike, and we were of to ergant care to make sure her nose was not broken. that was a waist of time they couldn't tell me anything. so we were back at the dr. offic on wendesday and thank the Lord nothing was broken. My husband said he is glad i am back on here maybe i will not work him so hard. I said just the opposit, i have a blog to keep

Friday, June 5, 2009

see you soon

Ok so as you see i am going crazy!!!!!!!
We are on a count down and i will see you in a week and two days.


Now here is my beautiful white walls in the front room of my house. oh my goodness all the walls in the house are white and i can't take it any more. Since my shovels are broke we are painting them. The kids wanted to help. what was i thinking:) no they did good then i sent them outside. I will have after shots of the room when i get my computer done. we have to do one more coat and jason is doing the trim work up at the top because we have such high ceilings.

front yard work

we have been removing ugly bushes and trees. We have been trying for a week to get the roots up from the bushes and have broke two shovels. but i am planing on a beautiful flower garden one of these days

my garden

This is my garden i have been doing some work in here.

going crazy without my computer

Boy i have been going crazy without my computer. so here i am at the library just so i can show you what i have been doing. Jason is going to wish i had my computer back before the next week is up.

Monday, June 1, 2009

computer is sick

Hey every one, i just wanted you all to know i am still around but i will be out for a couple of weeks. my computer caught the flue bug or something and is at the dr. ha ha. thats what i told the kids any way. it is on the fritz and i will be down for two weeks so i will post a lot of photos when i get back on here. see you all then