Wednesday, June 17, 2009

craft project

Well here i am thinking of Christmas already. We try to make gifts every other year, and if i don't want to be bombarded at Christmas and having creativity block then i need to start now. so I am doing an experiment first. If this works great, if not oh well.
I am trying to make some bamboo wind chimes. I bought two bamboo sticks at hobby lobby for 3.00 a each, three flat wooden disc .57 cents each and all i need now is some fishing line and a decoration for the top (that will come later)and some way to hang this critter up.
First (i did have a little help from my hubby, who wants to cut off a finger) we cut at an angel the bottom of the bamboo stick. then we cut straight across just above the knuckle of the stick. the knuckle is the only part that is not hollow.

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