Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's been to long

Hello every one. Sorry, it has been so long since I have been able to write. This semester has been one from, well, you know. I think my creative juices are suffering too. However, I am trying hard to find a chandelier to go above my kitchen table. My husband hit his head on the one that I have and broke the light covers. I guess it pays to be short sometimes. lol
I am ready for spring, I think the sun also helps me get in the mood to create. I am ready to hit the flea markets while I am on break. The only problem is getting my husband to budget me in some money to go. I think he is scared because I said, I wanted some lights hanging next to the garage door and in the kitchen, and he is remembering what happen the last time I wanted a new light. ;)
Well, as for the cats they are great. We only have one problem we have a rabbit and the cat is doing a lot of daydreaming his way. Any one in Springfield Missouri want a rabbit? I just keep waiting for the day I hear a great ruckus, fur flying and I will be having hasenpfeffer for dinner.
Back to the main topic, here are some of my thoughts for a chandelier. Tell me what you think. we are trying to go for a log cabin feel in the living room and think it is carrying over to the kitchen.