Monday, September 21, 2009

New Respect for Moms

Wow, I have found a new respect for moms who go back to school and still have toddlers at home. This has been the craziest week that I can remember right now. Not only do we lose our memories when we have children, Now we go back to school to learn and try and remember more stuff. On top of trying to keep our house hold together. I don't have family around here to depend on so it is extra stressful. But my family took me a way for my birthday. It was nice to forget about school for a moment. My family got me two new Jazz musician statues to go with my collection and then off to Silver Dollar City to see the Cow girls in action. I Just wanted to share with you how wonderful my family is. I don't think I tell them enough. I love you all very much.
But Back to the school work I go and It will all be worth it. The only thing that I want to encourage other moms out there to do. Make sure (yes its hard) to take time out of your busy schedule to make a memory with your family. Because one day that is all you ,and they, will have. Are they going to have a memory of you as a work-aholic mom? Or the mom that took time out of the busy schedule for your self and them. You can do it! I just keep reminding myself it will all be worth it one day.
I hope that I am making sence because my brain hurts righ now. So I am going to take a break and go out with my kids. Love you all and God Bless

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Entry Way

Well the flea market photos was a flop. I guess I am the only one that likes to do that kind of shopping. oh well, I have a new prodject, I have this beautifl entry way to my home and a littl bitty light. So i wanted something in there that would be a little bit dramatic to match the entry. If you go to a home depot it will coust hundreds of dollars for a nice big outside light. I found this at Gordmans for thirty dollars,a light kit from walmart five dollars. a little bit of adjustments and you have a new light. I can't emagen how much i saved doing it this way. And thats what i like to do, I want a nice home but don't want to pay for a lable or desiner prices. I like simplicity and beauty, but why does it have to cost so much. the only hard part is the pationts to find things. Besides that I have two toddlers I can't aford that stuff.

We had to make the whole in the top a little bigger for the wires, and we had to cut a whole in the bottom so that some light would shine down.

This is realy cute but wound up not a good idea. Jason gave my son the glasses to ware so he wouldn't get something in his eyes. Well in the split second that my son, thought he was going to help, and had on the glasses. Jason got a sliver of metal in his eye and wound up in ergant care.

This is my husband hanging it up. Its the only pic. i got of that proses because i was to busy helping. (you know wives scalpel, knife, suction, oh wait that's mash, pliers, screwdriver, lol)

the final product. It does make a bit of a diffrence.