Thursday, September 10, 2009

My New Entry Way

Well the flea market photos was a flop. I guess I am the only one that likes to do that kind of shopping. oh well, I have a new prodject, I have this beautifl entry way to my home and a littl bitty light. So i wanted something in there that would be a little bit dramatic to match the entry. If you go to a home depot it will coust hundreds of dollars for a nice big outside light. I found this at Gordmans for thirty dollars,a light kit from walmart five dollars. a little bit of adjustments and you have a new light. I can't emagen how much i saved doing it this way. And thats what i like to do, I want a nice home but don't want to pay for a lable or desiner prices. I like simplicity and beauty, but why does it have to cost so much. the only hard part is the pationts to find things. Besides that I have two toddlers I can't aford that stuff.


  1. Natalie, thank you so much for the comment on the heater, I would have never known! I e-mailed the company that makes these to see if there is a recall or anything, don't know what their response will be, in the meantime, I will keep a VERY CLOSE eye on it, certainly don't need a fire! You just never know about stuff you buy these days, everything under the sun is made in CHINA, probably have children assembling them!!! Thanks again dear for the heads up:) your entry!

  2. Good Morning Natalie!
    Oh honey first of all you and DH did a beautiful job on the entry light. What a difference that it made. It is so stunning. It is amazing to me too what we girls can think of, and the DH can put together for us. Now tell me, was it the husband or the son that ended up in Urgent Care? I wasn't sure, but are they okay now? Your home is so beautiful, love the entry door. Thanks for sharing sweetie.

    Thank you also for stopping by. I was thrilled. Thanks for the info on my turkey. Daddy just sent me a pumpkin back with my daughter, a pumpkin from his garden, and if it holds up, I am going to put this turkey into it and take a picture and post it. I just wanted to wait until it gets closer to the holiday time. Thanks for the tip tho, who would've thought, as it is painted so beautifully and such great wood.

    Stop by again soon, as I will too. I signed up to Follow your blog. I hope you will mine too. My daughter will be drawing for the 100th post give away this evening, and I will announce the winner in tomorrows Pink Saturday post. If you get the opportunity stop by and tell her hello. Fairy Footprints in the Sand. You will love the magic of it all. She is a Mom of two young girls (12 and 9), going to school to become a nurse. Take care, Country hugs, Sherry