Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home improvement

Well here are somethings we have been doing around the house. and one of my favorite trash to treasures. I call it "The Water Pump." lol, well, thats what it is. The first pic is the front of the house after we chopped down the bushes. I broke two shovels to get all the roots dug up. Then the two after are of the flower garden i put in their place.
The Water pump i found in a yard sale in Carbondale Ill. After the paint dries i plan to put it in another flower garden. I hope to make it look like i over flowed a bucket of flowers.


  1. LOVE that water pump! It will look great with the flowers!


  2. Girl I know how hard it is to dig in flower beds! lol I love tha tpump..I have two of them in my back yard...I would love to see your do I get there...mine is called Picketville...I know nothing about the facebook stuff but I love my farm! lol tahanks for coming by sweetie..I hope we can find each other in Farmtown! lol