Friday, August 7, 2009

Still working

Hello every one, do you remember the chest of drawers i bought last month for my son. well here it is. I finally finnished sanding and did a little panting. I found this contact paper that looks like metal. Its about six dollars at lowles. This project really made me feel like an episode from "I Love Lucy." I am trying to pull this contact paper out and put it on the drawers and it was sticking to everything but the drawers. Then I am fianally finnished and I stand back to look at my hard work and how it has paid off. The drawers don't fit. So back to the old drawing board. I had to take the paper off and start sanding. Again.

1 comment:

  1. right now I am just taking a break from taking up wall to wall carpet. Are we all crazy to keep starting these hard project? Your lucy story made me laugh, been there too. Have a great weekend.