Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We found this Ben Franklen store in Mt. Vernon Missouri a couple of weeks ago. I just had to have a picture of it. It has some booths in it for crafts and people to sell their goods, but it also has a few of the old five and dime sort of things in it. But most of all it brought back memories for me, of my great grandmother Claire bearden(granny). It brought back memories of being a kid again, and walking to that store when i got to spend the night with her. When stickers were the coolest and candy was my favorite food group. She would give me her empty make-up containers and a baby jar of pennies and I would play all day with them. When she would fix my favorite lunch of Bologna,cheese and catsup with spaghetti o's. She had photos of all her children, grand children and great grand children all over her apartment floor. there was just no room for them any where else. Teaching me old German, that I can only remember a few words now. Teaching me songs she sang as she grew up and stories of her grandma. The smell of her perfume and the sweetness of her voice. She was always so kind, that I always wanted to be like her.
Seeing this place made me wonder what memories will my children have. I take so many pictures of them that they get mad at me. But it is the only way that i will keep them small and innocent. When stickers are the coolest and candy is their favorite food group.


  1. Hello. I have actually been to the Ben Franklin store in Mt. Vernon, MO. My father's family were some of the original settlers in that area during the 1800s. I have visited Mt. Vernon a couple of times to do genealogy research. I just couldn't go there and not visit the Ben Franklin too. I believe the last time I was there, I even bought some craft supplies from them. It is such a cute little store. Thanks for sharing your sweet story about your grandma. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories of her. Blessings to you.

  2. Love the 'ol time memories!! I remember alittle 5 and dime growing up as well.I must say Steph. that was one gross lunch!! lol lol

  3. We still have a Ben Franklin locally here. I love to find little treasures there.