Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow The end of August

Wow! Its the end of August already. Well, After school on Wednesday I drove over to Ozark and took pic. of some flea markets just for you. I felt like some spy driving around with a camera, not getting out of my car taking pictures of bildings. Any way this is my favorite flea market. Found it by just driving around to get to know the area, when i seen a sign for "Doc. Hiliday's pawn shop." Went to check it out and there she was. For some reason i just like this place and this is where is always wind up when i go flea marketing.

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  1. Morning girl...I love a good flea market! But the post you did on the Ben Franklin store...ohhhh it brought back so many memories for me of my was on of my all time favorite stores alon with Woolsworth! lol Ohhhh what great great memories of those places...thanks for that sweet flashback and thanks for coming by...hope you have a great week!