Friday, June 10, 2011

Great day out

My five year old son already loves history (thanks to Adventures in Odyssey), He loves Abraham Lincoln. He comes by this naturally, I love reenactments. Its a great weekend where adults get together and pretends we are back in time. Its also a time to think of all the men that gave their lives and the cost of being free. Some people will never know what that price feels like. I can never hug these men long enough or say Thank You enough. The words feel so small.

well, you know I would have to have a picture of the old water pump :o)

However while we were going threw Chester Illinois we decided to visit Popeye. They have been putting up new statues all over town. The kids loved it, it was like a scavenger hunt. Find the statue, jump out, take a picture, jump back in the car, find another statue and start all over. It was a great day.
I received this e mail the other day about a scrap booking page that wanted to feature my blog. I am not sure about it but I thought I would let you all check it out. I don't want people to think I create my own pages, I usually get them from TCBOTB. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. I wish I had that talent of figuring out how to make my own page, maybe one day. Here is page that was sent to me for you all to check out.

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