Monday, May 23, 2011

Starting over

Hello everyone, Here we are in Southern Illinois. No we are not settaled in yet, we don't even have a home of our own yet. Things didn't go as smooth as I would have liked them to go, But then again thats just life. Our beautiful home in Missouri still hasn't sold and we are still living with family. That can be tuff sometimes when you have two little ones running around. I didn't get into the program I wanted to at SIU but I still got in and I am still studying things that I am interested in. However don't look so glum, I am Blessed. If I wake up in the morning and can take a deep breath of fresh air, if my feet can touch the floor and carry me around for the day, If my children say I love you, and my husband still holds my hand, I AM BLESSED.
We do have a new hobby! I am starting a duck farm. I am thankful that my family let me have the old shed down the hill or It wouldn't be happening just yet. We are just getting started and have a few ducks we are still looking for and our farm will be compleat. But for now we have 3 rouens, 5 anconas, 8 indian runners and a few silkie chickens for the kids.
So for now we are going to a lot of poultry swaps instead of flea markets. There is a lot to learn like how to haggle for prices (which i am not good at), don't fall in love with every baby animal there and don't make decisions out feeling pressured.
Hopefully I will be able to write more often I have a few ideas for some more posts. See you all soon! :)

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