Saturday, May 16, 2009

treasures i found

Here are some neat things i found. on hgtv web site. one of them i don't think it can be anything but art. its the bottal cap bowl.

The teddybear lamp, reminded me of miss. natelie's one leg doll.
The jean dresses are a nice way to decorate a window in a little girls room. and remember how small your little girl use to be.
As you can see i like lamps, but i havn't figured out how to make one yet.
I have lots of ideas but where to start and with two toddlers, finding time.


  1. Well,your going to crack up b/c i have old teddy bear lamps from when i little! Hmmmm,where are they?! I am so doing that w/ the jean jumpers b/c that is way too cute!! I would make them more primitive and stain them up w/ some goodies hanging out of the pockets! Maybe one legger will be my header of a blog! Hee-hee!lol lol

  2. what are you going to do with that doll anyway?

  3. I'm not sure,i feel bad for her!! lol lol