Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is the furniture i found at a thrift store three peaces. the hole set i got for 275. and the couch is a hide a bed. good for all the company that we hope to have. Next is to find some good material and start re upholstering:)


  1. Alright girl! Let's get a move on it and find some beautiful fabric.And turn them babies into treasures!! lol Guess what?? Went to "Good Will" tonight,even though i had no business going! lol And they had a whole bunch of furniture outside for 2 for $10.00.Shut-up,r u kidding me!! So i did what everyone would do that loves stuff!! lol Ibough 2 pieces!!! Go me!! People were going crazy,but people are also stupid as well! The piece i got,kinda looked like a wide ladder,which i liked to,but then i moved it from the wall and all the shelves starting falling in place.I was cool,it's a big foldable shelving unit.My daughter even liked it! lol And the other thing is like a ladder back chair,that someone put a new piece of wood on the seat part.I can not wait to fix these pieces up.

  2. well you are my partner in crime on this thing. lets see some pics girl. and how do you always get all the good stuff.