Friday, January 29, 2010

Our new baby

This is Spicket. She has been hanging around our neighborhood for a while. I would hear her screaming around the neighborhood and worried about my big cat Buddy. I always thought she was wild and would never come to me. But one day she was screaming behind the house and I tried one more time to get her to come to me. This time she came right up to me. She was so thin, you could see her ribs, back bone and her hind courtiers. She was even losing her hair. I felt so bad that I took her right in and started feeding her. Now I can't get her out of the house. I guess she is ours. Its a good thing to because shortly after that It was our big snow storm and I don't think she would have made it. The only problem we are having now is she spoiled and the dogs think she should wrestle with them like Buddy does. But she will have no part of that. She will be fixed soon and packing on the weight. Isn't she lovely? I am thinking that Spicket is not a good name for her. I am thinking about calling her Prissy.


  1. Spicket/ Prissy looks very content there on your lovely rug, lol! I'm sure no matter what you call her she is happy and thankful for a home:) My son will do his AIT at Aberdeen proving Ground is that close to where you live?

  2. Love your new kitty. I never grew up around cats (dad was allergic) so they make me a bit skiddish. I'm now getting used to the In-laws kittys and lovign it! Always love hearing a good animal compassion story!

    Thanks for stopping by with your sweet words and entering day one of the giveaway! LOVE your table story. As I read it last night I kept giggling out loud and hubby made me stop blogging to tell him your story! so funny. hope you'll find the perfect place for it soon :)

    Come on by today and enter day two of the GIVEAWAY! have a great day :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  3. We have your kitty's twin! I will send you a picture of our Patches!