Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taking a break from school

Wow, we got busy this week. We did our little houses. We used Halloween candy, so that is almost gone now. But boy, that was a night. I was asking my self, "what was I thinking?" Giving two little kids free for all over the candy. I was glad when that was over, because they were bouncing off the walls. Next time, I think we will do that earlier in the day, so they can go outside and play off all that sugar.
As for this weekend, I got my school work done and now it is time for thanksgiving break. I am taking advantage of the time away from studying and getting some nitty gritty house work done. I am trying to get organised and teach my children how to keep things clean. A lot of people like to label their stuff. Well, a two and three year old can't read, so I did the labels in pictures. Now I don't have to stand over them, to tell them where every little bitty thing goes. I only took pictures of a couple of the things I labeled, If I would have shared them all it would take to long. Any who, I went on line, downloaded the photos that looked like the toys my kids had, printed them out and started taping them on. I went over each photo to make sure the kids understood and now to see if this works, like I hope that it does. If not on them, then at least Jason will know where to tell the kids to put their stuff. I hope,lol.


  1. Hey you,
    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi~!
    "Happy Thanksgiving"
    I love the old farmstyle table and dining outside also..just pics I got off the internet.


  2. Love the house!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!