Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family fun

I don't normally put pictures on my blog of my kids. If they are in the picture its usually not of their face. Its a scary world and I never know who could be looking at my pictures. But, Today I thought I would give in a little and show you some our family fun that we have been having. We went to the pumpkin patch and picked our pumpkin and did the annual pumpkin carving. Later in the week we did a new thing, that I have never heard of till I moved to the city, and that was dress rehearsal at the zoo. You dress up,walk around the zoo, after it has closed, and see how they decorated and get candy. We are having a ball and I so love spending time with my family.


  1. I is scary to share pictures of your children on line. However, the pictures are adorable. That was a heavy pumpkin for him to carry. C-U-T-E!
    Loved the seeds scattered all over your floor from carving the pumpkins. FUN!

  2. Thank you sweetie for stopping by. Your kind words are such comfort to me right now. I so wanted to be there with the family, going through this loss together, but for me it was not meant to be.

    The service is tomorrow at 2pm Oklahoma time, and I will be here at home walking through it all in my mind. I know Amy knew I would not be able to be there, she watched me walk from the door the day I left, and she and I both knew her time was near. She knows how much I loved her, and will always love her. I will never forget the dash contains all the love in between.

    Love the pictures of the kids. They are just precious. The pumpkins were GREAT choices for each of them.

    Have a wonderful blessed day. Please be thinking of me tomorrow. I will be walking the floors. Thank you my friend. Country hugs and love, Sherry

  3. Cute!! It looks like everyone had a great time!