Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to Nature

We took the kids on a nature walk today. Yes it was hot but it was so nice to get away from all the hustle and bustle of a town/city. If we were back home in Southern Illinois we would see this kind of thing all the time. (I sure do miss it) So we didn't want the kids to become complete city kids and only see these kinds of things threw pics or at some zoo, so we will visit this nature center again. We did stumble upon a fawn but mommy was taking to many pics of the turtles and i missed them. oops! What can i say I love turtles.


  1. THESE pics. came out really good! Natalie,

  2. I just noticed that "these" is all in caps! lol That was'nt suppose to be! lol Natalie,

  3. Morning Steph...these are beautiful ...I love going on nature walks..there is nothing more soothing to the our old place we had squirrels everywhere and we kept feeders out all year...but here we have birds everywhere and once in a blue moon a squirrel will venture up the tree line to visit! lol Hope you have a great Sunday girl!