Monday, May 25, 2009

Well, happy memorial day every one. I hope you didn't get rained on. I had a wonderful weekend. my mother in law and i went flea marketing and found all kinds of goodies. I think she did a little better than me, but that's because she seen everything first. And i didn't want to have to wrestle her down for any thing, being my in law, need to keep the peace. ha ha only joking. well her are my goodies today and sooner or later we will get to see what they look like when i am done. however if any one has any good ideas of how to decorate with old coffee cans let me know i am up for suggestions.


  1. Hey found some great treasures! I was just taking a break from painting and thought I'd check the blog...gosh girl I don't know what a button is...but if you are just talking about having a picture on your sidebar that people can click on and it will take them to where you want them to go that is easy...just go to your layout page and click add a gadget...go browse and find whatever picture you are wanting to put there and the box you will see a place to name the picture and to add the link address...just put in the http://(address) and click save...then you should be able to click ont he picture and it take you to that address

    You know how i have the little picture on my side bar that says Picket's Friends....and you can click on it and it just takes you to the blog where I keep ny blog list..

    You can got to places like Glitter Graphics and they have thousands if little pictures for all occassions and you can pic one and hold your clicker down over the code and right click on it ans then click on save pic as' and it will let you put it wherever you keep pics on your computer...

    then go to your blog and layout and add a gadget and browse and go to that place and find your pic and download and save and then do the link address in the box and will then had a little pic that when you click on it you will go straight to whatever link you put on it...don't forget to name the pic..

    sorry I don't know an easier way to explain myself...but girl if you just play with it alittle you will figure it out in no me is I did anybody can! Thanks for coming by..have a great week sweetie!

  2. Geeze Picket wrote you a novel! lol I love her blog! Just give me a min. or 2 or maybe 3,i'm getting there w/helping w/ the blog! lol lol I would have wrestled my MIL to the ground,but that's just me! lol And she knows how i am. lol I don't think she would be caught at flea market anyhow! Well,her lose,more for meeeee!! lol lol Ttyl